Our Team

Our staff are professional seamstresses and tailors, and pride themselves on their impeccable work.

Whatever you require, we have someone here who has done it before, and if we haven't we love a challenge!

You can trust your favourite item with us, we will ensure that it's treated with the utmost care possible, and returned to you looking fantastic and fitting perfectly.


As the new Owner of HVM, that Katrina has managed since 2011, she has certainly grown with the business.

With a keen eye for detail and her pride in finishing details, she is also helpful in giving advice or ideas when comes to revamping clothing.

As she comes from an administration/IT background Katrina is well prepared with management skills, communication, understanding customer satisfaction is utmost and the importance of staff training.

Katrina has gained a reputation and regarded as the one to see about alterations to wedding gowns, ball gowns, suit tailoring, and suit hire and fitting. The specialist to see to help you get your special occasion or other requirements sorted.


Sharon has been with us since The Hussif was in Princess Street and around eight years so far, so one of the family.

Sharon is known to us as the queen of original hems and patches.  Though her skills have definitely broadened into other areas as well.

We enjoy having a good laugh and sing-a-long while working to get your garments repaired for you.

Sharon has adapted to the suit hire well and is eager to learn more and be able to help you with your hire needs.


Ravina joined the team early 2019, after we purchased Van Meer Suits and incorporated into our location. She has definitely become an integral part of the team.

With experience, and skill, she undertakes wedding dress alterations, suit tailoring, and other minor repairs.

She is adapting to further her knowledge in suit hire and the complexities it brings.


Vicky has officially retired, but is on hand when needed, she has a wealth of experience.

Vicky was first trained under Mr Wheatley, the only mens tailor in Palmerston North, in 1968, where

she was professionally trained in all aspects of altering mens suits.

Vicky started her own home business in 1995, after working as a seamstress for a prominent dry cleaner in town for 15 years. She became so busy with her regular customers she needed to expand.  

She bought and took over the running of The Hussif in 2005, and then later incorporated Van Meer Suits into the business.

You will find her in her sewing room at home now having time to do her own sewing!

111 Broadway Avenue

Palmerston North 4410

Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm

Sat 10:00am-2:00pm

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